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Seminar Announcement

        As the development of our society is having higher and higher demand for talented people, vocational colleges, college English teaching in particular, are attracting more and more social concern. In order to meet the needs of college English teaching, Fudan University Press is organizing and planning this “New Trend College English Textbooks and Teaching Methods Seminar”. Experienced teachers from some vocational colleges in Hunan Province and the chief author and editor Wang Meidi and Vladimir Ostapowicz of New Trend College English Textbooks are invited to attend this seminar. Luo Defen, chairman of College English Committee of Hunan Province, and Mr. Chen Jinhua are also invited to the seminar. This seminar will research and discuss College English Textbooks and their teaching methods.

Organizer: Fudan University Press
Time: On December 30, 2006 (Saturday) at 2: 00——–6: 00
Location: 18th Floor Conference Room of Xinhua Hotel, Furong Road, Changsha
Dinner: Xinhua Hotel Restaurant

1. Research and summarize New Trend College English textbooks
2. Discuss and summarize New Trend College English textbooks

Conference/Seminar Planning Group